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Thank you so much for visiting my website! Please call me Psyriah – I am the artist operating under the identity of my own persona. :) Through my work, I hope to not only entertain people but also inspire people to draw, write and think.

Please read below a short introduction of my Persona and Fursona.

Psyriah’s Personality

Persona Psyriah

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown & Green
Skin color: Light
Breast size: Large
Detail: Hair ends up in a flame

Honest, kind and friendly in nature. Has perhaps been hurt too many times in her life. As such, she became a little bit crazy. But if we’re honest with ourselves, don’t we all have a crazy side within us? ;3

Sexually, Psyriah isn’t into anything crazy. Although she is bisexual, she is mostly interested in girls.

Psyriah seeks young, vulnerable girls to take care of and protect.

You can find art of Psyriah under the tag Persona

Alina’s Personality

Fursona Alina Basura

Eye color: Blue
Skin/Fur color: White
Breast size: Large
Detail: Tribal fur markings

Alina is a sexual bunny who loves gothic and tribal style. She just wants to have fun, really. Her sexual interests range from fucking girls with a strap-on, sharing a double-headed dildo with another girl to getting dominated by the powerful leader of her tribe.

You can find art of Psyriah under the tag Fursona

General Information & Disclaimer

PsyriahLewds.com was founded in 2018 to serve as a personal space for Psyriah (artist’s alias) to upload her content. This content includes drawings, stories and (mini) games that are adult in nature (eg. hentai art, lewd stories, porn games).

The content found on this website was created by Psyriah, unless specifically stated otherwise. All content is uploaded in high quality and fully uncensored.

All characters depicted in artwork and described in stories are at least 18 years of age. Characters resembling existing characters (‘Fan Art’) are the reinterpretation of the artist, whereby all characters are depicted as at least 18 years of age.

Cookies are used on PsyriahLewds.com to improve and enhance user experience. If you do not wish for this website to store cookies on your local device, please disable cookies in your browser.

This website is operated out of personal interest and makes no profit at this point in time.

By browsing this website you claim that you are of legal age and that you view the contents of this website on your own responsibility.

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