Bunny Tentacle Rape

Furry Art Cute Bunny Girl in Tentacles by artist Psyriah

Do you like bunnies? I like bunnies. :3 I like white bunnies, black bunnies, grey bunnies, brown bunnies… but the most important detail of a bunny is – to me – the ears. In this drawing, I experimented a bit with the ears so you’re getting two versions of the design + a color change. This girl is a uniquely designed character, but does not have a name. Perhaps she’ll get a name in the future, who knows. For now, enjoy this cutie wrapped up in tentacles and getting fucked in her pussy and ass! :3

Alternate versions

Bunny girl getting raped by tentacles by hentai artist Psyriah Hentai furry art of a white cute bunny girl getting fucked by tentacles in her ass and pussy Cute bunny girl raped by tentacles Cute brown bunny with green eyes by hentai artist Psyriah

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