Gothic Chel

Gothic Chel 3D art by

Hewwo! OwO Long time no hearing from me, in terms of art that is! Well, I’m trying my best to free up some time to dedicate to creating lewd scenes again. :3

I was like, why the hell not try my hand at posing some 3D models again? Yeah! So here it is. O_O

Well, I’m only getting started, so forgive me for this set of pictures still being somewhat amateurish. It’s been ages since I worked with Blender -_- but EEVEE sure is easy on my laptop, compared to cycles render back in the day!

Anyway, let me spare you the technical details… I hope you enjoy these pictures of Goth Chel!

Alternate version

goth chel road to el dorado blender model hentai by hot goth chel blender model hentai by gothic chel road to el dorado 3d model hentai by hentai goth chel from road to el dorado blender model hentai by

Model by @mr_wiggle3D

Collar / background by Psyriah.

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