Project Development: Virtual Girlfriend Aisun

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Under heavy development is currently a “Virtual Girlfriend Chat” game. The Virtual Girlfriend is a self-made original character with an original personality. It is not an AI – all replies and answers are added by me manually. The idea is that the user will have the feeling of chatting with an actual person. It will take time for me to expand the virtual girlfriend as time progresses, I get new ideas or receive feedback from users.

Conversations with the bot are not stored on the server of None of the messages that you send to the virtual girlfriend can be read by the admin of this server, not in an anonimized way, either. So do feel free to try out anything and chat with Aisun the way you feel like it. Having said this, I do urge you send me topic or message ideas so I can add them! :-)

The aim of Aisun is to be a heartwarming companion to spend your time with

The challenges in the development include predicting what and how a user will say something, the many ways something can be said, the typos that can be made and the writing styles that can be used, as well as to try and make it as fun as possible to ‘converse’ with the virtual girlfriend without letting the user waste too much energy and time in writing their replies to the bot. In order to get a conversation going, though, I have to make a lot of assumptions on how a user would respond to something, what they might ask and how a ‘normal person’ would respond.

About the girlfriend

The name of the virtual girl is Aisun, a 19 year old girl from Japan. Her personality is largely derived of my own – that makes the development all the easier. She is kind, friendly and generally heartwarming, non-discriminatory. However, her reactions do depend on your attitude towards her or the subjects you throw at her. For an added fun factor, I create various possible answers whenever the conversation (and my imagination) allows it.

Current subjects to talk about include: Daily chit-chat.

(This list will be expanded upon in time.)

A bot, gamified

In addition to Aisun being a bot you can befriend and chat with – with random replies implemented to keep the replies as fresh as possible – I also plan to add a gamification feature and that is to unlock nude images of your new virtual girlfriend. As you can probably understand, this will take time. So please be patient as I’m working on this in my spare time!

Status of development

Virtual Girlfriend Aisun is still in the early stage of development, with more than 35 hours of work having gone into it as of September 26, 2020. I estimate I will be able to provide a functioning Virtual Girlfriend Chat feature within the next few weeks, my aim being before the end of 2020!

Want to help?

If you have any suggestions, requests, or if you find any awkward or flat out offensive responses, please do not hesitate to contact me! I will look over all suggestions and tips. You can head over to the contact form and fill out the form. Thank you for your contribution!

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