Site Update update March 22, 2021

I have a quick update for today, but personally I’m very excited about it, because I spent a lot of time making these changes and I actually think they greatly improve the website! :D

So! What I did: I’ve recreated all thumbnail images for my drawings which have alternate versions and redesigned the thumbnail section on each drawing with one or more alternate versions. Again, I know it’s not much for you as a visitor ._. but it’s something I’ve been sitting on for months on end and I finally decided to work on this. Although it is a small update, I do think it benefits the overall user experience of the website.

Furthermore, I have added an additional item on the sidebar to draw attention to my virtual girlfriend chatbot that I developed. I have been working on an update to the script and I will be sure to release it soon. Again, for anyone trying out chatting with Aisun, please do not hesitate to send me your feedback! I’ll be happy to read your comments. :)

Other than that, I fixed a missing star icon next to the ‘3D Art’ category in the sidebar. ^_^;

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