Reason for my silence

Train station in Germany

I used to be a free girl. I traveled. Had little, but enough money to survive.

Then it happened.

Someone very close to me got sick and died.

And then their partner became terminally ill.

I voluntarily moved in with this person to take care of them.

This means that my life as it was, has stopped. I am now a 24 hour caretaker. I do not have time for a job, and I do not have a lot of time for art.

Manila Airport

I miss my life. But I have no other choice at the moment. This person has faced many medical mistakes, some could have been fatal. I want to protect them.

I don’t know what will happen when this person comes to pass and what I’ll do then.

For now, I can only hope I can make psyriahlewds profitable somehow, so I can save up for my life after all of this.

I will do my best. My art is still my passion, but in all honesty, in my current situation it is difficult to focus on lewd art. When your life revolves around sickness and impending death, it’s not easy to get in the mood for anything sexual.

Subway station in The Netherlands

As a result, many months have passed with zero sexual feelings and zero desire to work on adult content.

There is a light…

However, after several months of hardships in a row, with several hospital visits and the person being literally on the brink of death due to a mistake of the health care system (listening to my observations is apparently not something they usually do), a tiny beacon of hope has appeared.

Things are somewhat stable – for now. And even though this person is bed bound, their situation improving after months of struggle is allowing me to let my thoughts wander again. I have reconnected my drawing tablet to my laptop and I will make some hentai art again when I can.

Until the next event.

Edit May 4, 2023: Unfortunately, the person has passed away. At this time I do not feel like dedicating a fresh new blog post to the situation.

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