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This Website is an ADULT WEBSITE and requires all visitors to be of legal age in their respective country. If you are not of legal age in the area you live, you are urged to stop visiting this Website immediately.

PsyriahLewds.com is operated out of personal interest and does not make any profit at this point in time.


Website: http://psyriahlewds.com

Content: all content found on psyriahlewds.com (be it textual or visual; art, graphics, games, stories, etc)

Terms: rules, disclaimers and obligations as written out on this page

Psyriah: website owner (also referred to as PsyriahLewds)

By making use of this Website, you implicitly agree that it is legal for you to access this Website and that you have read and accepted the Terms as laid out on this page.

Accessing this Website

PsyriahLewds.com is for mature audiences only. Please make sure that not only you are of legal age in your country, but also that you are allowed to visit websites that are pornographic in nature.

Availability to the Website is subject to your network connection, any bandwidth limitations, the health of the server on which the Website is hosted as well as maintenance or downtime.

PsyriahLewds.com has been tested and found working on mobile devices as well as laptop/desktop, using a variety of operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions. That aside, the website is built using a laptop/desktop computer and optimized for these devices.

Psyriah makes no guarantees that this Website can be properly accessed using your device and can not help you further in the event that you have trouble accessing this Website.

You are, however, welcome to report any problems you encounter via the Contact Form, and Psyriah shall strongly consider looking into the matter to further optimize this Website.

Content Disclaimer

All characters appearing in drawings, stories or games, regardless of species, are over the human age of 18 years old. The depictions or descriptions in the Content on psyriahlewds.com do not reflect the personal ideas or desires of Psyriah. Depictions do not equal endorsements (eg. sex with animalistic characters).

Obligations of the Artist

Psyriah is in no way obligated to honor any requests or accept commissions. When accepting commissions, Psyriah is at all times allowed to reject drawing certain themes or characters.

Psyriah reserves the right to upload or delete any content from the Website, or other platforms where she uploads her content, at any time.

Using the Virtual Girlfriend Chat feature

Virtual Girlfriend Aisun is a free to use Virtual Girlfriend Chat feature made available by psyriahlewds.com.

Chatbot Aisun does not store any input given by the user. Communication with the chatbot is not stored on the servers of psyriahlewds.com – only the user can see the chat. A chat history is therefore also not available.

The Virtual Girlfriend Chat feature is not AI (Artificial Intelligence), the dialogue possibilities have been carefully constructed by its creator Psyriah. As it is impossible to predict every single option for input and thereby direct the ideal output, you may experience weird replies from the chatbot.

When you decide to use the chatbot, please use it responsibly; if you are sensitive about certain topics or words, be careful with your input as the bot’s imperfect programming may result in output that may be considered as offensive by some people.

Should you have any comments, suggestions or experience any problems using the Virtual Girlfriend Chat feature, feel free to send a report via the Contact Form. Your request may or may not be honored.

Virtual Girlfriend Aisun Chatbot has been developed by Psyriah, the operator of this website. You are not permitted to make a copy of and use the bot’s messages and/or replies. You are always welcome to link to the Virtual Girlfriend Chatbot.

Changes to the Terms

Psyriah reserves the right to update these Terms at any time, with or without notice to her visitors.

// These Terms were last revised on: December 17, 2020

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